KEEPING TIME is a solo tour-de-force in which Marthanne, a lady old enough to know better, plays all the parts and the piano. Music by Rossini, Liszt, Satie and Gershwin as well as appearances by Cocteau and Dorothy Parker among other luminaries, are interspersed with reminiscences of a woman who knew them. Written by the American composer Joseph Fennimore, KEEPING TIME is one of many Fennimore works that Marthanne has performed.








"When Marthanne Verbit puts on Dorothy Parker, leans into the piano and says with a tipsy swagger, "It's so important, dear, to know when to leave the party," you'd swear the wizened wit of the legendary Algonquin crowd had clawed her way out of the grave...Likewise, as Verbit relates the juicy details of her liaisons with Liszt, Cocteau and Gershwin, one begins to believe she has lived the 180 years she claims. Verbit is touring the country with this bit of theater and music...It might even suit an off Broadway run." --- ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT and CHRONICLE